Le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen. Situé au cœur du château de Guillaume le Conquérant, dans un bâtiment contemporain

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen

Located in the heart of the castle of William the Conqueror, in a modern building, the Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important museums of France in European painting from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (France, Italy, Flanders, Holland) while his collection of engravings is one of the key places. Since 2007, the medieval castle houses a sculpture park.

Outstanding collections

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen offers a broad overview of the creation of the fifteenth to the twentieth. century. It retains one of the richest collections of paintings in museums regions for the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Italian, French, Flemish and Dutch (Cosme Tura, Perugino, Veronese, Tintoretto, Guercino, Giordano, Poussin, Champaigne, Rubens , Ruysdael ...). The eighteenth century is represented through portraiture and French and Italian landscape (Rigaud, Headlands, Boucher, Lancret, Tiepolo ...) while the nineteenth century unfolds around the romantic and realist painters (Géricault, Delacroix, Courbet) or even Corot and the Barbizon landscape. Normandy as a place of inspiration is also present with Monet, Boudin, Lebourg then beyond Impressionism, Vuillard, Bonnard, Marquet, Dufy ... The twentieth century opens with the French cubism while the contemporary period unfolds around themes such as allegory, space and light (Balthus, Joan Mitchell, Vieira da Silva, Rebeyrolle Debre Pincemin, Sicilia, Neumann Barcelò ...). The firm combines the exceptional prints collections Fund Mancel over 50,000 prints, presented in part through temporary exhibitions (Callot, Dürer, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Piranesi ...).

Accessible to all!

In 2005, the creation of the Public Museum of Fine Arts in Caen was a strong signal to the public. Invited to come more and more often, the public benefits from innovative discovery collections and exhibitions proposals: family visit, décrypt'art, visit Sunday, museum toddlers workshop for four hands, workshop for adults , Thursday noon museum visit sketches ...

Open to all ages shows

Each year, the museum has many exhibits alternating ancient art and contemporary painting, drawing, printmaking, photography - prompting many moments of encounter and emotion.

A sculpture park

Depuis 2007, le château médiéval est un écrin exceptionnel où se déploie un ensemble de sculptures, modernes et contemporaines. 

Rodin, Grande Ombre (1902),  Bourdelle, Grand Guerrier, Marta PanHuang Yong Ping, One Man, nine animals(1999) ensemble monumental de dix sculptures, dépôt du Fonds national d'art contemporain : un homme sur un chariot posé au sol et neuf animaux imaginaires juchés sur 12 mâts de 4 à 12 mètres de haut chacun; Jaako Pernu, Ceiling Light (2016)